It began when the gentleman who, for almost thirty years, extruded all of the 1"x4" and 2"x6" wax-based sticks of our ZAMBINI, HVR and BP-7 bullet lubes...retired.

It hurts us to discontinue a product which you have grown to rely upon, and which I formulated for this industry years ago, so...

If you, or someone you know, have an interest in manufacturing and/or marketing ZAMBINI or ROOSTER JACKET, please let us know. We will work with you. In the meantime, thanks for your loyalty and your friendship. Without you, there would be no Rooster Labs.



Contains no ammonia. Formulated specifically as a media additive for polishing brass cartridge cases, ROOSTER BRIGHT cleaner-polish-protectant radically speeds up production and leaves your brass gleaming (protected by corrosion-inhibitors), and impervious to finger stains. One customer says it even eliminates the need for a sizing lube. It is also an all - purpose polish for household, commercial and industrial use. Great for hand-polishing gold and silver jewelry, flatware, brass, copper, chromium, and stainless steel. This is a user-friendly, ecologically sound, bio-degradable product which contains no petroleum distillates. Mild citrus fragrance. Pleasant to use. This is our best-selling product!

TO USE: Shake well before using. While tumbler is running, add 1 ounce of polish per 3 pounds of untreated media (2 teaspoons per pound); one cup per 24 pounds of media, etc.. Allow to mix for 3 minutes before adding brass. For previously - treated media, add 1/3 as much polish for each succeeding batch of brass. (Monitor this to make sure your media does not get too moist). Keep lid on tumbler to keep the liquids in the polish from evaporating.

Cartridge Re-manufacturer : "Our company really puts your brass polish to the test! We recondition old military cartridges, and when we started using ROOSTER BRIGHT in 1996, it was primarily because it contains no ammonia. But the real benefit to us is that it quickly removes the dark tarnishes and stains, and leaves the brass cases and copper-jacketed bullets looking like new, with a high gloss and shine which are durable. Two additional benefits for us are that it is pleasant to use, and we get extended life from our corncob media. Our customers must like the results, because they keep coming back for more."
Larry Byrd, Talon Mfg. Co.

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